Usage & Maintenance
Safety notes
1. Only to be installed by an electrican.
2. Please do not tamper with the internal electrical wiring of the fixture for any defects or accidents as a result of the said defects.
3. Voltage range AC180v -240v, this fixture may be destroyed or damaged whilt working in voltages outside of this range.
4. Not to be used in outdoor applications or close to high temperature equipment
5. If a defect occurs within the warranty period please contact yourt supplier with your warranty card and relevant receipt.
6. The screws connecting the LED lamp to the surface must be fixed firmly to avoid the LED fixture loosening.
7. Do not operate under electricity and load short circuit. as once the fixtures internal seal is broken our company is not responsible
8. When the thickness of the wall is less than 10cm, the switch may partition induction so please be careful to check any surfaces onto which the  our company fixture is to be installed.

Cleaning and maintenance
> Please use soft cloth with scour to wipe the fixture, then use the dry cloth to rub-up. Do not clean the fixture by diluents, petrol and other easy volatiles.
> For safe and high efficiency use our products, Please regularly check and clean the fixture. (every six month)
Warning: Please installation strictly according the instructions, otherwise it may cause electric shock accident.
The Wiring Diagram

Installation Procedure
1. Make sure power supply is off before installation. (see below drawing 1)
2. Please remove the original traditional ballast and starter from the fixture. (see below drawing 2)
3. Install external driver on the ballast location, and connect the L and N wire according to positive terminal and negative terminal that marked onto tube cap. (see below drawing 3)
4.  For one driver with two tubes, one driver with three tubes, one driver with four tubes, please reference the wiring diagram.
5. Please check all wiring connections in correct, make sure that has no risk of short circuit, open circuit.
6. Please install the tube onto fixture, make sure the two pins connect with positive and negative terminal correspondingly, then turn around rotate tubes 90 degrees. (see below drawing 4)
7. After all above installation, please try to turn on the lamp, please check with all connections or L and N wires correctly if fail to work.
Skyworth Lighting: LED High Bay Light
1. Do not install the lamp to non-stable place.
2. Limit the voltage in the safety range.
3. Ask professional person to maintain product.
4. Cut down the power and contact the professional if the lamp works abnormally.


Sarah Liao