Installation Guide
Skyworth Lighting: LED High Bay Light
Installation instructions
Our lamp is a kind of lighting fixture which meets international standards, it has unique heat dissipation structure, even light and easy installing. You can hang up the bulkhead lamp if the hook on your ceiling can bear the weight of 25kg. After offering AC100-277v voltage, it can work normally. The following is the installation method (as picture showing):

1. Please install the lamp according to the installation to avoid dropping and electric shock.
2. Do not exchange the lamp at will to avoid dropping, electric shock and damage of the lamp.
Skyworth Lighting: LED Recessed Canopy Light
Product installation instruction

1. Recessed Installation
2. Hole (cut-out ) size
3. Caution: 1. Pls. fix the mounting position according to the beam angle label.
            2. The canopy lights are not allowed to be covered by the heat-insulation
               blanket or any similar materials.
Skyworth Lighting: LED Pendant Canopy Lamp Product installation instruction

LED Emergency Ceiling Lamp-W/ Body infrared sensor controller operation instructions
Product installation instruction

1. Unscrew the clasps.
2. Remove the plastic fixture cover.
3. Turn off the power source to the fitting.
4. Put the main LED lighting frame to the ceiling and firmly fix with the enclosed screws
5. Wire the fitting as per the wiring instructions.
6. Screw the clasp.
7. Switch on the power. Test the sensor by motion detection and the fixture will illuminate.
> Please wear protective gloves to avoid dirtying the lighting cover.
> Please put the sensor under the sensor cap when installing.
Skyworth Lighting: T10 LED Tube With External Driver
Product installation instruction

For fluorescent panel light (3 tube system), please install as reference1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 procedure as well, please note that the special driver for three tubes in series arrangement. (see drawing 6)

Sarah Liao