Skyworth new LED Bulb with LED driver IC
Sharp announced it has teamed up with Japan’s  Hiroshima Prefectural Technology Research Institute's Agricultural Center to develop moth repellent LED bulbs to prevent the nocturnal pests from destroying crops, and to minimize conventional moth lighting’s impact on crops.
The bulbs are expected to be commercialized and retailed in spring 2016.

Sharp's new moth repellent LED bulbs that is currently being jointly developed with Hiroshima Prefectural Technology Research Institute's Agricultural Center. (Sharp/LEDinside)

Traditional pesticide alternatives have included yellow lighting to repel moths. However, conventional moth repellent mercury vapor lamps and fluorescent lamps had to be kept on all night, and were unsuitable for lighting certain light sensitive crops, such as strawberries and chrysanthemums because of its adverse impact on these plants growth.
The current LED bulb developed by the agricultural center and Sharp is formed by merging the center’s moth repellent lighting technology and Sharp’s LED design and manufacturing know-how. The new LED bulbs effectively repels moths, while keeping the negative impact of lighting at a minimum by using flickering LED light technology.
Skyworth also developed a new led bulb with LED driver IC, we would show it at the HK Lighting fair at October, 27th-30th. Welcome to visit our booth: 1E-D27.

We adopt world leading IC technology, IEC standard compliance, it’s outstanding performance. 100Lm/w, CRI>80, PF>0.95, Epistar Chip, Azoteq IC, 1KV Surge Protection. 

Sarah Liao