Skyworth Lighting
LED flood light:

As one of golden sale products, Skyworth Led flood light is lighting up every corner of the world at a rapid transporting speed.

Advantages for our Skyworth flood light:
1. Adopting overall structure to dissipate heat, using the whole lamp shell instead of normal aluminum profiles. Taken off unnecessary structure of decoration. Ultra thin and ultra light, more modern.
2. New structure designed to keep internal and external air pressure balance. Comparing to normal outdoors lights, inner structural parts and sealed structural parts will not be damaged or age due to inside and outside air pressure imbalance. Longer life time, good protective performance.
3. Shell is machined by matte coating treatment. Perfectly resist outdoor natural damage and scratch. Simple structure and concise appearance. Appearance of color can be processed according to the different visual effects.

4.For the light source, we choose COB LED imported from Japan. It has higher light efficiency, better temperature performance and longer lifetime than common integrated LED. LED meets American Energy Star LM-80 standards: Lumen maintenance is more than 98%, which reported by 6000 hours depreciation test.
High Quality LED Nichia chips, more color temperature stable than other brand chip. High Luminous Efficacy >100lm/W, special round chip.

5. Skyworth self-developed and self-produced constant current driver with table and reliable quality. Conversion efficiency is up to 90%. EMC circuit design, wide input voltage, surge voltage can be absorbed up to 4KV.

6. Patented thermal protection, Housing (ASA) Premium UV Protection;

7.Bracket fixing installation--easy to install and easy to maintain

8. Imported embossed aluminum to increase reflective efficiency;
9. Respirator valve to ensure IP65 Integrity;
10. CE,ROHS,TISI,SAA are all certified,3-year warranty;
11. Various wattage satisfies different requirements.
12. Applications: Outdoor billboards, building lighting, accessory lighting and other outdoor lighting.

Sarah Liao