LED tube will replace CFLs in lighting market

According to the latest commercial lighting market report, 2015 global LED commercial lighting market penetration rate is rising rapidly and year growth will reach 23%. One of the main products in commercial and residiential is LED tube.

Normally people will consider some questions below when ordering led tube

Comparison between led lamp and traditional lamp.
Parameter CFL Halogen Incandescent lamp CDM LED
60-70 15-20 10-15 50-80 80-140
Power efficiency 60% 60% 60% 60% >85%
Dimmable Not good Not good Not good Not good Very good
Lifespan 3000-10000 3000-5000 1000-2000 5000-20000 50000-10000
CRI 60-75 80-90 95-99 60-80 70-95
Mercury  Yes  Yes no  Yes no
UV  Yes  Yes no  Yes no

1.The lumen is not enough and the lighting effect is limited.

2. The light efficacy is too big

3. CRI is low, the quality of light is very bad, not suitable for commercial lighting

4. Not reliable, worry about after-service

5. Price is too high compared to traditional lamp.

So how Skyworth Lighting do?

As we know, quality is the life to an enterprise, we always pay attention to improve ourself and offer more competitive products to our customers。

Focus on above which customers concern, we develop a competitive full PC led tube,

Skyworth patent, with perfect light performance, ultra bright with high light efficacy above 100lm/w, Epistar SMD2835 with low light decay, Skyworth own brand for long lifespan, SAA/CE/ROHS approvals, 3 years warranty, very competitive price.

Sarah Liao