Skyworth higbay blossom the colorful light
In the environment of global advocating green energy, energy saving and improve environmental awareness are approved and pay much more attention to pursue  innovation and individuality.

With years of experience in LED industry, Skyworth  lighting are always  leading the LED trend also the representatives of continues to introduce new, unconventional . Recently Skyworth introduced colorful higbay light. 

Skyworth higbay light use the high thermal conductivity of aluminum, sleeve structure heat dissipation, light weight; Import LED chip and the packing technology, high illuminance and long lifetime; High purity aluminum reflector,  light equalization, no glare and flicker. 

Except for above advantages, Skyworth higbay light adopt the special surface treatment, including the red, gold, blue, brown, black, gray, silver total seven color. Which is the first and only led manufacturer that produce the colourful higbay light in the internal. Its unique innovative design has become the darling of overseas customers sought. 

Sarah Liao